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ThreadNeedle Leather Jackets are the icon style to up your style ante to wear leather jacket. We have fully integrated setup to produce genuine leather jackets. We are specialised in the manufacturing of high quality leather jackets, belts, wallets and bags. We sell all around the world with the help of our specialised team members. All of our jackets are real full grain leather. None of that cheap genuine leather that other businesses push on you in their jackets.  We believe in quality goods that will stand the test of time.  Our leather will fit you like a glove, will age beautifully the more it’s worn, and will be passed down in your family, like all solid leather goods should be.

ThreadNeedle is an online store of leather jackets with origin in USA. ThreadNeedle is not a new name for leather lovers since it has been functioning more than a decade and has successfully gained the trust of its customers and clients around the globe through its online e-commerce website by serving high quality and in-demand leather jackets with free worldwide shipping.We know that our responsibility extends beyond your wardrobe so we have been trying our hardest to live by our values and ethics. We value our customers the most and that’s the reason that each product which we create passes through the hands of experts for detailed quality assurance before it is finally dispatched to the buyers. We are working in accordance with the best shipping companies over the globe so as to provide timely delivery of goods. We believe in working together so as to provide with the best value for money products.

My Story

How I Got Started

From my childhood, I like to wear leather jackets, when I finished my studies, I thought, why not I start my own leather jacket business, then I saw the entire product creation, design and manufacturing process from start to finished. I also learned and understand how many types of leather, then I approached a friend of mine who was a fashion designer. I offered partnership to my friend then we started the business very small level just 3 machines. After few months our business is grow and our designed liked in leather jackets industries.
After some year we were decide to we are made ladies bag, men’s shoes, and other leather products, because we are already famous in leather jackets industries. Now we are make leather jackets, bags, shoes, wallet & belts.

What We Do

Quality, Safety,

Fitting, Design,

     & Price

Fitting is most important part of leather apparels, Our made-to-measure service ensures that the item you choose is tailor made for you. We are never compromise about quality, due to this reason we have best quality raw material sources around the world and it’s tested very highest level and always use highly safe material which one is most protection for skin, because we ensure safety is first priority, also you can choose our range of designs with different colours or you want to make any design, we will make it for you. Price is a big element of every business, we always consider every segment of people in our society so what they will purchase our products easily.

"A leather jacket is a true investment piece, but if you want it to last you’ll need to make sure to care for it properly. Thankfully, that’s rather easy to do."

James Davis

"All you really need to keep that leather clean, soft and supple is a cloth, some water and a natural leather conditioner, free from colouring or nasty chemicals."

Stephanie Rawson

"First, remove any dirt or marks using the cloth and a bit of water. Once that’s done, use another cloth to apply a small amount of the conditioner to the fabric, working it in using circular motions. Repeat this across the entire surface of the garment until it’s suitably nourished, then remove any excess with a paper towel."

Tyler Shaw

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